Mixed episode means I am schizoaffective?

As my first psychiatrist had suggested? Yesterday it was ecstasy and agony at the same time


Today the same. I have many reasons to be ecstatic, and same amount of reasons to be depressed and devastated

Or is it pure madness? Not knowing how I feel, feeling the opposite feeling immediately?

Hey Om, I have read “a period with either depression or mania”. So one or another.

No, there is also mixed episode with both

Allright, then you deserve a second diagnose…

I have 4 diagnoses. 1st schizoaffective. 2nd undifferentiated. 3ṛd undifferentiated. 4th paranoid or undifferentiated

Yes mixed episode is both, depression and mania.
Its schizoaffective but tell your psychiatrist how you feel.

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We talked on the phone. But I need to see him Face to face

Hey Om I have bipolar and I get mixed episodes and when I get them they are predominantly marked by a feeling of agitation. Not agony and ecstasy.

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OK, leaf, that sounds reasonable. I have heard it before.

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Yes, I don’t think it’s schizoaffective but how can a schizophrenic have opposite feelings in their brain simultaneously? I never have mania, depression is almost constant, rarely hypomania

It sounds like sza to me. I have sza not sz because my depressions are longer than two weeks (the criteria for a depressive episode). And I get hypomania.

When I get mixed episode I get irritable too but sometimes it’s a feeling of laughter and tears. Labile mood I think it’s called.

I remember one day I had a euphoric mood then later in the same day it crashed. I am a rapid cycling sza.

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