Judgement of time that's passed

This is most dis-concerting I keep thinking I might be losing time/blanking out… Either that or my ability to judge how much time has passed is seriously ****ed .

To add to this someone was supposed to come and check my flooring on Wednesday. They said they buzzed,but I heard nothing .

They probably didn’t come at all. Lazy workers will often say that.

Time flows differently depending on how you stay occupied. If you idle away a lot, it will trudge very slowly. If you sleep profoundly, it goes in an instant. If you get engrossed in pleasant activities, it quickly flies by.

Some funny guy discussing Einstein’s theory once said: “Time is indeed relative. It all depends on which side of the restroom door you are on.”

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There was s card saying ‘Sorry we missed you’.

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Time is cruel.

My short term memory is pretty broken, but long term memory seems to be intact.

I don’t think anything can be done about it.

Down to 9mg a day of Diazepam. I have been reducing from 20mg the last 10 weeks. I hope to be off it soon.

Do you think any meds you’re taking might be the cause of this for you?

Some of these drugs really mess with you.

I am taking myself off procycldine as I saw it can lead to early on-set of Alzheimers

We’d need an universal clock + freedom. Then we wouldn’t need to compare eachothers too find out what to dislike in us all.

I have been really absent minded lately. I will get up to do something, and I’ll forget what I was going to do. Some people have done that, but have they done it as often as I do? I told my pdoc about it, and he said that Paxil sometimes does that, and he switched me to Zoloft. I hope I get better.

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