Missed my depot

First time in nearly 5 years of being on Consta. Completely slipped my mind. Usually i go there for 10 am when the clinic opens. Phoned up to see if it was still open but receptionist can get no answer from the depot clinic. That means i’ll have to wait till Wednesday. My mind was too fixed on seeing the rehab lady at 11 and thinking i didn’t have to go out till then.
5 days shouldn’t make much of a difference, i hope.

I personally would call them up and see if they would take you earlier than Wednesday - You never know, I wouldn’t take chances like that

if it make u feel more comfortable then phone them back. personally i wouldn’t worry too much as there will still b some in ur system to carry u through till then xxx

If you have a printer… I now print off blank calendar pages. One set for me and one set for my son. I was forgetting things like what day to do blood work, refill Clozapine etc so now I try to put everything on the calendar even if it’s a month or more in advance and look at the calendar every morning and/or the night before. Hopefully you will be ok until Wednesday.

They are open Monday but it clashes with my assessment,so Wednesday is the earliest date.

Thanks for the advice. Normally i remember but i guess my mind was fixated on seeing the rehab lady at 11.

At any rate, I think you will be fine

I don’t know much about depots but where I live I can get a few days worth of medication without a prescription from my pharmacy if I run out before I see my doctor and I really need it.

i forget things all the time, i am sure they will be fine about it.
take care

I think you are right. Being late once in nearly 5 years is much better than the 40-50% remembering to take on oral meds.

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i was not good at taking tablets bcoz they made me late for taking the kids to school so i wouldn’t take them. not that it made any difference when i did. i’ve been much better since on the depot but still had episodes and none of the meds got rid of the voices at all.