Mishearing stuff

Anyone mishear things sometimes?? Sometimes when im near the radio i hear the dj saying random things. The most recent was hearing the dj say “witch face” and the weatherman say “whimby” which i assume is me mishearing the word windy.

Anyways, i had been wearing a body camera around to prove to myself it isnt all real. Thats when i thought i heard the 711 worker saying “theyre gonna kill him”, when i played back the video he said “welcome to 711” but kind of mumbled it so it was hard to hear.

Ive been coming to terms with it and might get my ears checked out, tho i think its a brain problem.

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I mishear all the time and have to suss out the meaning. My family thinks it’s funny because I hear the wildest stuff.

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It’s the schizophrenia.

I’ve been hearing less weird “secret message” bullsh*t as my brain inflammation clears up, but I still get the odd glitch.

its a very common thing to happen, loads of people get it even without mental illness, sometimes its cool to ask someone to repeat what they say but a lot of the time i just dont really care,

sometimes i get a little paranoid, today i was walking past some girls and they were giggling and i thought it was at me bc of my hair but i told myself it probably wasn’t and even if they were then its really silly and immature,

i even imagined what would happen if i confronted them and i was like i’d look like a real jerk and i thought i would never do that anyway 'i am better than that,

I mishear also often its insults directed to me, not only the radio, my friends too, they say something cool and I hear it as an insult towards me and I feel that they are laughing at me when they say something funny, sometimes I start saying something bad and funny about them then they pause for a minute, they got used to me.

Its inappropriate emotions mixed with paranoia, symptoms of schizophrenia. Its the brain’s chemistry imbalance causing hallucinations and delusions mixed with paranoia, a bad mix.

I miss hear things as hallucinations like a bird cawing will be a child laughing my brains messed up…

Mine does the same exact thing. I also hear music playing away in the far distance. Sounds so real! And whispers about me. -_- i wish I could just be someone else. It’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t

I definitely mishear things a lot, often getting a completely different message. Not normally paranoid things, just random things.

It’s like a Game of Charades, when they speak or torture you.!

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