Mind uploading and research contribution needed

Randal Koene a neuroscientist is working on mind uploading. He is the real deal as i had contacted him and his main premise for how mind uploading is feasible is based off Ted Berger’s hippocampal prosthesis. Berger was able to create a biomimetic neuron by modeling the input/output transformations of the signal. His idea is that if we can measure the input/output transformation of every neuron in a person’s brain and know every single connection in between them, we can emulate the brain

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@firemonkey so will you be able to contribute?

I’m not even sure how I’d contribute even if I wanted to.

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I’d like to contribute, but I’m afraid they’d find little in there, but they’re welcomed to whatever bit they find.

Do they come to us at night while were sleeping?
How do we contribute?
I think it would be a hoot to participate!

@creatvsd Please stop posting these types of requests. I have removed the link you posted.

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