Might be going hypomanic, will 20 mg CBD help?

I have some cbd pouches, 20 mg per pouch.

I’m afraid I’m going hypomanic (it is 3 o clock at night here and I’m fully awake).

How much is 20 mg cbd?

I hope you get some sleep!

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Thanks @TheCanuk - at least hypomania means that im not sad :grinning:

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i’m taking 800mg’s twice a day. 20 mgs should help you sleep, but you should call your care team before things go really bad

That stuff can induce psychosis. Don’t do it.

Give your credit card to someone else until you come down.

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Thanks @crazydiamond444 - i will try two pouches next

@trelos good advice, luckily im not “real” manic, only hypo so i wont spend more money than usal.

Just got an hour of sleep, but that is not enough, my body is yearning for sleep, but my mind is fully awake

Hypo manic that’s not pleasant. I had that feeling every night when I was on geodon(Ziprasidone).

If you are missing sleep, is really hypomania? mood stabilizers knock me out within 30 minutes of taking them but if I’m having an episode, I wake up after 3 hours and don’t miss it.

Good question. No, i dont feel hypomanic after all, just severe insomnia

. I have not slept for 40 hours. Called the psych emergency to get just one sleeping pill or benzo to knock me out, but they said they couldnt help me

. Instead i took 5 mg olanzapine. Hope i get knocked out

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they had me do cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and it really helped.

Great. Wish it could help me, i have tried cbt, it was effective against my anxiety, but did not help me with the rest - depression, and negatives,

Not true, especially with a small amount like 20 mg. That would hardly do anything at all. CBD =/= THC

I was warned about that and other things but I never self-medicate. I don’t know anything about how strong what dose is. I don’t want to find out the hard way either