Might add low dose Abilify to my cocktail

I was thinking of adding 2 to 5mg of Abilify to my current med cocktail of risperidone and Depakote.
I can use the extra stimulation and hopefully it will also help lower the higher prolactin levels.
I’m going to talk it over with my psychiatrist in a couple of weeks.

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Keep on trucking @Wave!
Good on you to not give up until it gets good for you!

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Sounds like a good plan.

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GOOD LUCK!!! :o)

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I might do this also if my next blood test still shows high prolactin. My doc mentioned it’s a way to lower it. Who knows, it might also make my life easier

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Thanks @Csummers @everhopeful @SpecialK! :slight_smile:

Good luck with it @PaulyH!


I also take abilify micro doses along side risperidone consta injection. The Abilify completely gets rid of any risperidone side effects. Most of the time I don’t even feel like I’m taking medication.

I take 0.5mg of Abilify once a week for a period of 1-2 months, then I have a break from Abilify for about 2 years. Abilify lingers in my system for years. Abilify is very good for me. My libido is much lower but I still have some libido.

About 10 years ago I was on risperidone without taking Abilify, and the risperidone side effects were killing me. I was extremely fat, high prolactin levels and major breathing panic attacks. Abilify has stopped all that and more. Everyone is different but this method has worked for me extremely well.

I’m now skinnier and much healthier adding Abilify to risperidone, they work well together.

Also when I took risperidone by itself I had no energy and was poorly exhausted and stressed. But Abilify added to risperidone has literally saved my life.

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Glad that the Abilify is helping you @Green.
It’s good to know.

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way to go green, I hope others can get this kind of benefit from abilify. I got a mini case of tardive dyskinesia from it, so sad.