Mini lapses in focussing

I’m not sure this has been talked about re cognition. Mini lapses in focussing. Your mind wanders off for a very short period of time.

That happens to absolutely everyone.


my mind wanders off all the time… so not sure about the mini lapses.

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Same im literally there but my mind goes to another place and im out of focus.

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This illustrates what I mean. From the human benchmark reaction time test. As a 64 year old my reaction time will naturally be slower than many much younger people here, but the outlier here goes beyond just that.

I am great at task focusing, but free time my focus goes to pot and I feel so frustrated by it

Unstructured time is a nightmare

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@Joker I do better with a routine . The trouble is I’m not always very good at achieving that.

Routine is everything

When things are not structured, I do not do well at all

My psychiatrist agrees with me finally that meds can’t help me more than they do already, so he’s referred me to lots of social supports to try and get something going in the evenings and weekends

I hope it works, as this issue has hampered my recovery for years and made me desperately unhappy with life at times


My focus is strange, I can be lazer-focused on a task at some times and then be completely unable to summon the will do anything a few hours later. I can never predict it and it really affects my ability to do work in a normal envirnment where its 9 to 5 and I cant just work when I feel I can be focused.

Happy bday @Joker !!


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