Message me

Yeah mods can message anyone even if they aren’t able to receive messages (definitely not from personal experience lmao)

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My first thought in these situations is crap am I blacklisted cuz I did something wrong, but since it happened to you too I’m not worried.

I rarely have reason to message people but I have never had problems when someone’s profile isn’t hidden.

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15 15 15 15 15

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I’m sorry, my friends. I checked that box, so I should be getting messages, @mangojuice. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, as I don’t think my profile is private, either. This is a problem I’ll fix today. And @irrelevant you funny. Lol.

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Please someone try messaging me again.

your not a load to your a mod.


Same error message

I think I fixed it. Try again.

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I think it’s working now

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Okay, everyone. Jim was able to send me a test message and it worked. Everything is running now. Now don’t you be sending me a flood of pms for fun, either. That’s just not right. Lol