Mesolimbic pathways

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Isn’t that where APs block dopamine? I think thats what I read.

I mean high dopamine in that pathway causes sz symptoms.

Thats why I have low motivation, low dopamine in that pathway. I wish it was as simple as finding the perfect dopamine lvl but it doesn’t work that way. Boosting dopamine improved my motivation but made my positive symptoms worse.

Yeah dopamine regulation is tricky because the mesolimbic AND mesocortical dopaminergic pathways are implicated in sz, so one pathway may have an excess of dopamine and cause positive symptoms, whereas the other may have a deficit in certain regions and cause negative/cognitive symptoms. It also depends on a lot of other factors like the balance between excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the brain, GABA/glutamate levels, etc. And of course it varies widely from person to person so that’s likely why treatment for sz is really just a lot of stumbling around in the dark.

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