Merry Christmas mjseu

I’m happier being gone from this place too. Miss your photos of Finland @mjseu . Merry Christmas!

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Did @mjseu leave for good?
I miss his presence around here

I really miss him, especially those peaceful snowy photos of his bicycle.

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Yeah me too @NiceHat

@Wave I hope you have a Merry Christmas too! Do you have holiday plans this weekend?

I celebrated Xmas on Thursday, my oldest daughter started a new nursing job and has to work this holiday. I’m going to my uncles house tonight.

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Oh thanks @NiceHat :slightly_smiling_face:
Merry Christmas to you!
I’m going to my brothers house this evening.
My entire family will be there.

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meery x_mas to nicehat and happy new year yo my man Wave…Enjoy jacks

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Thanks @far_cry0
Happy Holidays to you buddy!

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I was just somewhere else for two months, I did not use the Internet much, I wrote about 600 pages, I am back here again, in 2016 I took over 1200 pictures and videos, quite a lot.

Welcome back @mjseu! :slight_smile:
Glad that you are well.

Hey guys you are all like a family, I realise how disconnected I can be

I always find myself singled all by myself,

walking alone, eating alone, always alone, yeah sometimes we must do certain things all alone

but living alone mentally but not physically can be like what?

In simple terms it’s

body present mind absent

but in reality it is more like

A son who was never a son

A friend who was never a friend

etc and etc

Thanks to you guys,

when ever I read your posts like

I miss that guy n girl etc

and such

I find myself as a life form belonging to another World.

You guys are awesome.

That said,

the reality that I am an Alien is also very much certainly true.

So be careful otherwise I am going to vaporise you guys with the help of

a weak human whom I found on this forum

her weakness is star wars



all smiles

@PrincessKenny hope you take it like a deranged joke and no more


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correction: that being said

Sometimes it is good to be away somewhere else, I even planned to go to Novosibirsk, a main city in Russian Siberia, but this did not happen, many things happened, some people even started calling one person ‘Sir’, funny how the life can be.

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