Mental Health Patients to Bernie Sanders: Don't Compare Us to the GOP Candidates

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I did notice this.

I thought that it was a cheap shot.


None of these politicians really care about anyone.

I dunno. I’m all about the laugh…

My test is, “Is it funnier than it is mean”? I think Bernie passed the test. Besides, the Republican candidates are behaving like immature children in their interactions with each other in my opinion.


Glad you changed the word :slight_smile:

I think it was a cheap shot, rather ignorant, but than again, Hillary laughed, the republicans aren’t any better, and Trump might have a personality disorder.


The definition of retarded-

“less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.”

But in hindsight, I did change the word in my last post because of the stigma attached to it these days.

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I dunno, my bf and I have had a few discussions about trumps mental health.

I think he did too.

And the comments on Twitter as much as called all the Republicans racist, which is cheap stereotyping also.

More heat than light all around…

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I like Trump AND I like Bernie…

I believe in the free market to make yourself a billionaire. But I also believe that once this is achieved, it is your duty to become a philanthropist and look after the less fortunate.

But regardless, they both have style in my opinion. Each is true to themselves.

I thought what he said what funny in terms of bashing republicans, but cheap and insensitive which I felt offended.

A personality disorder is not a mental illness, though.

I believe I have both types of issues, mental illness (especially since it runs so heavily in my blood lines), and then PD traits (especially since I grew up in such a dysfunctional environment).

They are two different beasts to tackle.

My PD type traits, which seems to be a mixture of Borderline and Avoidant, are things that I can work on, even if it’s hard. Effort and the humility for self-awareness are things I can do, if I choose to do so. Or I can embrace those traits and become malignant. The choice is mine.

With mental illness there is no choice. Nobody can DBT their way out of bipolar disorder.

So it wouldn’t irk me at all for people to speculate that someone like Trump has a PD, and one that he has embraced and willingly turned malignant.

But implications about mental illness start getting all up on that line in the sand, for me.

I disagree. A personality disorder falls under the mental illness category alongside mood and psychotic disorders.

I get pretty sick of all the PC dialogue. Some people get offended over any little thing and it’s not constructive. BUT, when you’re part of a group that has been consistently ostracized, abused, mistreated and misunderstood, there should be check points where we say something about it. Were Sander’s comments detrimental enough to change lives? No, but it was another public figure ignorantly poking fun. He thought he was just insulting the GOP, but he was using “us” as the measure of the insult! It wasn’t funny and it’s no ok.

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Right, because a sociopath who robs your house and then tries to frame someone else, is just “ill”. They just can’t help themselves.

Give me a break.

man… I thought it was funny.

He does say he wants to invest in mental health… so he’s looking out for our best interests…

Frankly. I think most conservatives have some variant of the mass delusion solipsism crap going on.

So this statement didn’t phase me.