Mental health court?

There’s a new idea in the USA called mental health court. They are supposed to be more compassionate than regular court except you have to go to court weekly for a year or two and do a lot of required things. I was in it and hated it. I got out and went to regular court and there my case was thrown out. So I have no criminal record. But, going through all that makes me definitely not want to deal with courts again and I’ve been on the straight and narrow about a year and a half since my hearing. Everyone else in the court had more serious charges than I did. Anybody else heard of mental health court or gone to it? It may be a bad idea.

do you care to explain what you did wrong?
nobody just goes to court.

I don’t want to talk about it. I had to prove to my voice we are not God, so I got the cops involved and took him to court. It was a cry for help.

In 2003 I was in Magistrate court and I was psychotic

I got the maximum sentence they could give which was 12 months

It wasn’t until I got to the youth offenders unit that they realised I was mentally ill, and I was transferred to the mental health hospital wing of another detention centre

Then I saw doctors, and they let me out on appeal

I was 16 turned 17 when this happened, and spent a month in jail in the middle of an episode

After I got released, I started smoking weed again and then had another episode and ended up in a forensic ward because the normal hospital couldn’t cope with me

In the end I got clean and stopped breaking the law after being given a highly skilled mentor in the community who stuck with me

Sods law I ended up with SZ just a few years later


I stay away from weed too. And alcohol.

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I’ve been to court many times. Having a severe mental illness is a mitigating circumstance and I’ve never been in that much trouble since being an adult. Only court fines. I was being arrested all the time for drunk and disorderly. The police station alcohol worker got the intellectual disability service involved when I told him I went to a special school. Ever since they’re involvement I haven’t been arrested and that was over 11 years ago, So I think getting arrested for me was a cry for help and support which I now get.


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