Meeting people tomorrow

I am feeling very nervous,hope all will be alright

What kind of people? I wish you luck…

My friends,met them online

Oh cool just be careful…there is always a risk of being charmed by some creepers online…where are you meeting…publicly or in private?

Publicly,they are my friends I have known for a year,just that it’s been 2 month since I last meetup with them,so might feel a little awkward

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Oooh gotcha well no worries than…you might feel anxious at first but you will have fun socializing with good friends…

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Im also meeting some friends tonight. Should be fun. Except 1 of my good friends doesnt like my wife all of a sudden and has been a real d*ck to her lately. I dont like that crap. I think i have to say something to him tonight if hes there but im afraid things may escalate. Ive been manic for a few days so my temper gets short and im worried things may get physical. Im generally a pacifist but there are a few things i just dont stand for. If he pushes me im afraid i wont be able to hold back. Not sure how to handle it. I need to have some words with him but im kind of hoping he doesnt show. Not sure what his problem is lately we have been friends since little league. Any ideas on how to handle it?

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good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

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Maybe just quietly take him aside if you notice him being mean to your wife and say something like “I’ve noticed the last couple of times we all got together, you’ve been acting mean spirited towards my wife (have an example). Can I just ask why you’re behaving this way or what your problem with my wife is?”

It’s not a nice position for you to be in. I feel terrible for your wife, she must feel really lousy about the whole situation.

Good luck with it @Reggie

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