Meds got screwed up

When I went to take my meds last night I separated out the Cymbalta and took them, as usual. Then I put the rest of the pills in my hand and was about to pop them all when I realized the shapes were different and there were a couple more than normal. I realized just in time they had messed up and given me the wrong meds at meds management. I called the after hours number to report it but they said nothing could be done till morning. So I’ll have to go back over there today to get the right meds and I’ don’t know what they will do about the pills they gave me that belong to someone else. It would be gross of them to turn around and give them to that person, but I bet they will rather than having to pay to replace the meds.

Do the meds come in their original packets or are they taken out of the boxes? Can you identify them?

I just did a search for “pill L015” for the number on one of my pills and it came up with what it was.

I would go crazy without my sz meds even for a day. Did you get your antipsychotic?

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Yes I did, and I got my ad

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I went on the computer and looked up every single pill. They are mine, plus she accidentally added 4 of my medicines that I take as needed to each and every day. So all I have to do is separate those out and I will be fine.

My pharmacy once got mixed up and gave me 100 mg prozac insteaof a different med I was prescribed. I got the shakes bad and looked up the pills.

My pharmacist actually hand delivered the right ones. He was so freaked out.

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I once was given the wrong medication from my pharmacy. I changed pharmacies

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