I dont know what happened to my meds?

I am missing about 22 pills. I’m supposed to take two a day, so that’s 11 days that are gone? I called my mental health facility today and they said they only know when I refilled, and to call the pharmacy. The pharmacy doesn’t know what happened either, I was frustrated so I hung up. What’s the next step?

which medicine is it?

clozapine 15151515151

Your insurance might not pay for it and you might have to pay out of pocket but pharmacies do make mistakes.

My wife gets 90 Xanax and 30 Ambien per month. One time I picked up her meds and they had given me two bottles of 90 Xanax and no Ambien and my wife noticed it when I got home. I brought them both back to the pharmacy and told them of the mistake and they fixed it and took the 90 Xanax back and gave me 30 Ambien. I am sure they mess up counts too. I never count my meds.

But you can check with the pharmacy. Maybe they were low on the med and only gave you a partial refill. They should have told you that though.

@TomCat, every time they owe me meds, they circle the amount and write on the bottle that they owe me. So they may have done it on accident. I made out good with my klonopin though. My dr specifically wrote me out 7 half milligram pills, and when they refilled it yesterday, they gave me 60! they went off an old script from June. So now I have tons of klonopin!


Do you think someone took them? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I don’t know, I live with some pretty trusting people

I’ll probably end up paying out of pocket like tomcat said

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Careful now … :partly_sunny:

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hahaha I learned my lesson from being on them every day, and my doctor thinks I risk over dosing, but I’ll be careful

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I hope you can solve it soon. If you miss 5 days or more the clozapine has to be restarted and bloodwork back to once a week

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Yup. That happened to me and it was the worst ever. :turkey::turkey::turkey:

Ok, thanks @FatMama, I have 3 days left of pills. I’ll start calling my pharmacy tomorrow, and ask if I can pay out of pocket


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