Meditation: A Double-Edged Sword—A Case Report of Psychosis Associated with Excessive Unguided Meditation


Having read the report, I am not sure if meditation caused mental illness or whether she was mentally ill to meditate over 14 hours a day in the first place.

There was a history of familial psychosis.

Could this be correlation over causation?


It’s definitely a possibility.

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Chakra meditation? Another dangerous woowoo.
I have read people complaining they became psychotic after doing similar meditations. Third eye opening meditation. Name itself sounds creepy and weird. No wonder it’s going to make some people psychotic.

What needs to be mentioned is mindfulness is not associated with psychotic reactions according to this study. And patient herself was asked to meditate for 20 minutes twice a day max by her guru. She was doing some form of mantra/concentration meditation. Which is associated with psychotic reactions.

Patient did that for whole day. Not taking care of nutrition. Would search for meditation articles and videos on internet. It was chain of things which went wrong.

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I meditate when i feel anxious or like my mind is racing. I find it extremely helpful

I meditated for years. Never got psychotic from it. It sometimes made akathisia more obvious, and therefore worse, however.

I meditate and find it peaceful. I use iOS app called oak for max 20 min once a day,

I dont even like the word meditate. Lol