Medications for this? And sobriety

So I have a pdoc appt tomorrow over the phone(telehealth). These are the symptoms I have that I am going to try to explain to him.

  1. Agitation - the littlest things irk me
  2. Thought broadcasting - like others know what i am thinking so I police my thoughts
  3. Boredom and lack of motivation
  4. Minor Social Anxiety
  5. Minor voices sometimes when I am not doing anything

Is this the right approach to this appt? Let me know please and thanks. Positive thoughts and prayers your guys’ way!

Oh btw I am almost 60 days clean and sober! This takes practice. I have quit many times but I feel like this is for good. The one! At last…every day is better and better but I still have some symptoms, listed above. On Abilify 30mg/day and lithium 300mg 2x a day. Vistaril prn for anxiety. Anyway let’s chat guys! :slight_smile:


Sounds a solid plan. Always good to go into an appointment with an agenda. Maximizing your time is always good. Well done on the 60 days sober. Never easy but sounds like your doing well with it. Kudos.

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I just realized I also have agitation. Congrats on sobriety!


Congratulations on your sobriety! 60 days is HUGE. I am in recovery from methamphetamine and opioid use disorder, which I picked up long after my diagnosis, to cope mainly with trauma. Best of luck and wishes to you @anon19982023.

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I have over five and a half months sober from alcohol. It’s going good so far.


Thanks guys! Have a great day! Carpe diem.

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So my doctor added 10mg of abilify a day. Hope this helps. Thanks for the positive words and affirmation guys.

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So here’s what I’m thinking of telling my doctor Monday…I feel it can’t wait any longer:

I have depression, I am unable to feel happy normally. I thrill seek, have too much unhealthy energy, and feel disconnected from people and the world. My schizoaffective makes me sad, even depressed. I have mood swings, but usually feeling low lately. May I have an antidepressant prescribed?

Do you think an antidepressant is right for people experiencing this or who have schizophrenia/schizoaffective?

I was tried on Sertraline and took it for a few months.

It did not help with anxiety.

What the doctor said to me is what is the biggest problem right now, anxiety or depression?

I said anxiety, so he stopped the Sertraline and prescribed Pregabalin to replace Diazepam.

He was a locum granted, so there was nothing said about the depression by my new doctor who was unaware of this. You will hopefully have some consistency in treatment that should avoid this happening to you.

I feel at rock bottom again. I think anti-depressants might be useful, but as a permanent solution, or a sticking plaster trying to cover up the mental strain from dealing with Sz/SZA I am not convinced .

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It’s good to go into a doctors appt with goals.

For agitation, medication helped me. Zoloft, an SSRI, was the absolute best but I couldn’t stay on it for other reasons. I am now on depakote and no longer get the intense agitation I used to. Many psych meds will help treat agitation.

Thought broadcasting is a delusion and therefore would be best treated with an AP which work good for positive symptoms.

Boredom and lack of motivation there is not much a pdoc can do about. There are currently no meds to treat negative symptoms out there. What has helped me most is making things routine means I do not need as much motivation to do them it is just habit. So push yourself really hard for a couple weeks to do things and then you will find it doesn’t require half the effort anymore to do. For boredom you may need to make entertainment a habit too if you don’t have the motivation to do it or else find some new hobbies and ways to structure your time.

Social anxiety can be treated with propranolol. However if you are put on a mood med like an ssri for agitation that may help improve it as well.

The voices are a positive symptom and once again an AP is best for that. Note that sometimes an AP won’t be able to perfectly get rid of all your symptoms: I still get voices and hallucinations and delusional thoughts on occasion, but they are very mild, infrequent and I do not get absorbed in them anymore. Lots of other people this is the case for them too. It’s nice to have a goal for yourself to be completely rid of symptoms but that may not be realistic. If you are on a med currently and it is working well enough to where your symptoms aren’t super distressing and distracting and affect your functioning anymore, you probably want to stick with that med. It’s ok if you still have some symptoms as long as you don’t find them seriously distressing or debilitating.

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Many thanks for the med info, @Anna. And thank you for the insight, @Joker.

And sure, I’m willing to admit that because of my mental health problem (schizoaffective), I may have more “off” days than other people considered “normal”. But still I want to just pursue happiness and be happy :slight_smile: Happiness should be normal and it’s what I want! Gonna call my pdoc tmrw when they open about adding an AD or depakote or something similar AP wise possibly. I’ll figure it out.

I am also willing to consider the other side, that I don’t need an antidepressant or an additional antipsychotic. I could be overthinking things maybe. Overthinking is one of my weaknesses, I love to ponder things, which leads to rumination rather quickly, which, is not healthy in my opinion. This is why I keep myself busy with school and work that I find rewarding and enjoyable. Got straight A’s in my last classes, and made the switch to a new career. Gotta keep going.

Thanks again for the support, y’all are the best. This forum deserves my unending gratitude and thanks and praise. It took awhile for me to recognize right from wrong on here…and everyone is different…that being said, the mods do a fantastic job at keeping the peace and civility here. Thanks! Nothing wrong with taking advice with a grain of salt…or two sometimes. Love you guys! :blush:


Here’s what I’m going through right now. I’m adamant about trying an AD.

It’s hard that other people don’t know about my condition. I mean I guess I prefer it that way but it’s like living like a double life.

Negative criticism like a Peanut gallery in my head voices. Feels So exhausting. Also depressing.

I think I have to switch up the way I perceive my voices. Like not to ignore them so much, but to think about them and how they affect me, because they just are my thoughts, or quasi thoughts. I also have to remember the voices I hear aren’t real to others, just me. They don’t come from reality. Which is why they don’t make any sense. Although I still think it’s good to question them, and not to derive meaning from them. It’s like I’m a daydreamer or chronic overthinker. I try to go easy on myself all the time, because I know all of this isn’t my fault. It’s no ones fault.

Psychosis has gotten better since my Abilify dosage increase. I feel more rooted in reality and within myself. This I am very grateful for.

I do however think my psychosis and depression are linked as mental disorder. I feel pent up energy sometimes esp when stressed. I also feel like I know a secret or something know one else knows. I feel saddened by my condition. I wish I could make it all go away and be mentally healthy. Then I would definitely try and join the military. I dream about being a Navy SEAL. I honor our armed forces and straight admire them. The tenacity and dedication of our military is amazing.

I have thought broadcasting - like others know what I am thinking so I police my thoughts, then my imagination invents voices that criticize everything I do, regardless of what I’m doing. Its the devil. It makes constantly agitated to the point where the littlest things irk me.

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On the bright side of things, I think I found my dream job. Despite being night shift. I’m about to finish my first week as a Security officer! Pretty easy really haha. Mostly bike patrol. Hourly report writing, too. So far only encountered a couple dumpster divers and some drug users…other than that it’s been pretty quiet! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I was prescribed an antidepressant. Lexapro. I’m feeling WAY better already!! I went to my PCP and he was very helpful and understanding. I heard it takes 4-6 weeks to fully come into effect. I can’t wait. Cheers guys.


I’m currently searching for an antidepressant without side effects. Wellbutrin made my voices hostile, and Cymbalta robbed me of the ability to sleep. They worked, but had those side effects. Let us know how things go with Lexapro. Maybe my doctor will try something like that next. I really need a good AD in addition to my AP.


So, so far so good. Now it could just be a placebo effect, but I feel genuinely happier already. I’m laughing more, smiling more, and just feeling happy. My mindset is generally much more bearable. Before I was so negative all the time I got really low.

So I see this lexapro as kind of a safety net for my mental health. It will bounce me back up if I need it. Also. I should note that I am schizoaffective current depressive type. I was worried about going too far up into mania, but that hasn’t been a problem yet.

Ok long story short I’ll be sure to update you guys as to how much this med helps me. Doing good. Thanks for reading.

One more note. I also started taking fish oil and vitamin D because I’m not in the sun as much since I started working nights. My nurse recommended the fish oil. I found a 300 ct bottle combo pill for 18 bucks! It’s a burpless version with lots of omega 3s. That could be helping me a bunch too already. Looking forward to not being in denial anymore about my depression. And fixing it with the help of proper medication.

I do think counseling would be a good addition. Only thing is my schedule is pretty crazy. I work 3rd shift and sometimes 10 days in a row. I thought about paying for a 24/7 counselor but I just don’t have the money. Any ideas, anyone? I suppose I could just schedule for my days off?

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