Medication for thought broadcasting delusions?


I take risperidone injection (which helps a bit with thought broadcasting), but then I added a small dose of Abilify (0.5mg),which completely gets rid of thought broadcasting. I take the small Abilify dose every now and then, about once every Thursday. If you do try Abilify, be careful, in large doses it can cause unwanted side effects like addiction and sexual side effects. In smaller doses it’s balanced me out.


Thank you! If for whatever reason I need this I will take it into consideration.However like you said I probably won’t need it to it’s fine.

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I wonder if such a treatment would work for me.
I guess I will have to talk to my psychiatrist to see what they can recommend for me.
I guess I could ask if risperidone injection and abilify would be a good idea for me based on my background and mental status.
Whatever the case I am sure they will find a solution for me.
Thank you for your help!

I seemed to have mine under control and been off meds for roughly 4 years. until recently and it had went full swing again. Any suggestions? I like your honesty, that’s what people need

Does anyone know the reasons behind this though? Because it seems to support itself and grow by validating it’s existence. After this belief takes hold does it adjust our mind to support the delusion and make it real or are their other factors involved?

Thinking back to the start of mine many years ago I was just getting stoned being a normal high school kid and began having thoughts about life and the complexities and the unanswered questions. That turned into me over analyzing myself. Then things became audible and increased in intensity. I was young and inoccent and a good kid with pure thoughts and it was as if the world turned against me when these things started.

It has always seemed forced to me. As if my brain was ripe for the picking. The first 2 years were truly painful because when you feel like your thoughts aren’t private you tend to think negatively and pessimistically.

The torture and pure evil I’ve seen and heard sense them first days are still horrifying to this day. I think alot of use just need answers and the truth. We’ve been through hell but docs want to act like we can handle simple facts lol. Maybe our minds couldn’t be made to brainwash or fit in a box

For me personally I feel like my brain tries to convince me that everything has a second meaning.
What would otherwise be a normal statement by another person now has a very specific personal meaning simply because I might have been thinking of something similar or the same.
So I am sure that thanks to my delusions my brain has grown accustomed for looking for special meanings in things that aren’t there.
Before I would have just thought it was a coincidence and I wouldn’t have been so hyper vigilant but now I look for double meanings in everything and everyone and get driven insane when I think the most mundane things mean something.
I don’t know much about psychology or psychiatry so I cannot say what exactly changes in our brains and in our way of thinking but I do think the illness supports itself as I believe I wasn’t as hyper vigilant before.

I can relate as well.
I was pure and innocent and next thing you know you imagine that everyone is out to get you and it messes with your head.
You also lose all of your privacy which makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells in your brain.
Worst of all everything takes on a second meaning instead of it being random or a coincidence so everything just adds to your delusions.
It isn’t easy and it is frustrating when people think you can just get over it.
I consider myself a really rational person, which is probably the only reason I am self aware, but even then I cannot do anything to stop the delusions until I get treatment.
Getting fixed won’t happen overnight either no matter how hard people want to pry.

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Same with the deeper meaning stuff. what sucks about TB is having all this understanding and knowledge you acquire after a few years about dealing with it and your beliefs about it but apparently we shouldn’t do that and act like it doesn’t exist even if we are being tortured. I hate that it is always somehow our fault.

I agree. The longer I have this illness the more I realize how crazy I am getting.But at the same time since nobody wants to acknowledge that I have an illness since I can function so well then I doubt that it’s an illness and I want to just believe that it is possible for these delusions to be real.
Suffering in silence sucks.You start to think that maybe your self awareness of the illness is not true.
That everybody else is right and that you’re not mental and then you start thinking you will never get help and that your delusions must be 100% true even though you know there’s no evidence to support that claim.
It sucks it really does.
People really do think it’s our fault even though we don’t do anything but to ask for love, support, and therapy/medications and then they give us none of that and then complain about our issues.
I wish you good luck with whatever issues related to schizophrenia you’re having!


Yeah you’re right. All anyone seems is thst I don’t work th and that I’m moody. They act like it’s all because of laziness.

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I lost all of my privacy… thought broadcasting is awful symptom. Recommend abilify 20mg

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Im on 10mg of Abilify and I no longer experience thought broadcasting. I too had global thoughtbroadcasting.

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Yeah thought broadcasting is ehat put me over the George into psychosis. But that was many years ago. Now it’s one of them things that comes up when I’m at my lowest as is like society saying “F You”. Idk it’s pretty messed up stuff. I’d still like to know the truth behind it.

That’s terrible! I wish people like you and I didn’t have to deal with people like that. I do not get moody but I cannot share my delusions with anybody because they claim there is nothing wrong with me and that I am fine and look and act like a normal person. I am not schizophrenic so that might be why. I have delusions but without the other symptoms of schizophrenia so I can function properly so people believe even less that I am unwell. That leads to them not helping me and it convinces me that the delusions are in fact real. It sucks it really does.
But I guess we just have to put up with it.I hope you are successfully managing your schizophrenia!

I would also like to know the truth behind my thought broadcasting delusions.I know scientifically they aren’t possible because there is no scientific evidence for any spiritual powers at all.
I’m not sure about other people with thought broadcasting but for me they’re very personal and they mess with my psyche.I feel like it has damaged my psyche and affected who I am a lot and it is something that I have to take into consideration a lot. Worst part is that nobody cares and you have to look out for yourself or else you’ll go down the rabbit hole of insanity. If it wasn’t for science I probably would just give in to my delusions and believe they’re 100% real and just never get medications. But I know even if I think they’re real that they’re probably not. There’s a least a 50% chance that I could be wrong thanks to science so I still try. Any who I agree in that I’d like to know the truth about it. I am different however as my thought broadcasting delusions consume me 24/7/365 days a years. I guess a plus is that I can still function like a normal person. I’m also a very introverted person so everything is internalized. That’s probably why nobody has sent me to a psychiatric ward…because I am so high functioning. I seem like a normal Joe and not a mentally unstable psychotic person.
Well sorry for rambling but I can just relate so much…


Oh my god thank you a lot I will see if my psychiatrist, when and if I get one, I will ask if he recommends abilify for me personally based on my background and intensity of my symptoms.

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Thank you a lot! Since another user also recommended Abilify I will for sure ask my psychiatrist if he thinks it is a good option for me!

I know what you mean. Dealing with everything internally is ehat makes things so real in a sense.

I’ve just noticed within myself and others is that we veared off course casually and when reality snapped us back in place we became psychotic. All logic goes out the window to us when out minds want to twist things to epic proportions.

That being said I’m sure all of us can say that the magnitude of alot of our issues are amplified and sometimes driven by the outside world. This in turn makes us see the world as evil and our enemy.
This makes us question everything we perceive thus leading us to delusions and isolation.

The term “sink or swim” is a big factor with illness.
Feeling hopeless is like feeding a outside beast. It creates one inside .

When you get better it only makes the world eant to tear you down more.

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Yes I am sure that if I had a social group to rely on and talk to about my symptoms that perhaps I could cope better but since their is no one there to truly prove to me that they cannot read my thoughts then I am just alone lost in my mind. With nothing but time to spare.

Yes I agree that all logic goes out the window. I am a very logical person and I do not believe anything without first having unbiased repeatable information/evidence to prove it but that goes out the window with my delusions since my brain convinces me that every coincidence is meaningful.

I also think my view of the world has gotten darker. Even the most innocent person could seem like a threat to me so I have to remind myself to calm down and look at things at least semi rationally.
I agree that it also leads to further isolation and delusions.

It’s hard but it will take a long time for us to recover but when we do I am sure that we will live meaningful and happy lives!
We have to be resilient.

I found Risperidone to be great for getting rid of delusions. All the best!


I feel happy for my meds, they are really helpful but sometimes I feel tempted to quit them and dive into psychosis. i dont know why. but it happens.

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I take risperidone too but delusions may come & go. they dont stay much but still they come.