Has anyone cured their thought broadcasting with meds?


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Ah, great. How much are you on?

I’m currently on 15 mg.

Thank you.

This is very interesting, to find that the two antipsychotics that work for thought broadcasting are also NMDA antagonists. The ones that don’t work for it are not NMDA antagonists. So, something like Clozapine, as strong as it is, will not block thought broadcasting! I base this information off of forum posts.

What’s more, I gave myself schizophrenia by upregulating my NMDA receptor density too much, from abusing Piracetam, and I now have this symptom.

I won’t go into methods of downregulating NMDA receptor density as that is best left to someone with a medical degree and more credibility, but this hopefully demystifies a very, very annoying schizophrenic phenomenon.

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Two more posts vouching for Abilify to stop thought broadcasting / mind reading (the linked post and the one after):

Another post about resolving thought broadcasting (this person only needed 0.5 mg Abilify once a week to stop it):

And one more from the same thread (this time 10 mg):

Note: I’m not biased towards Abilify (I’d like more choices, quite frankly), I’m searching multiple forums for the broad term “Thought Broadcasting” and reading the hundreds of posts for potential cures, and all I’ve come across are Haldol and Abilify, the NMDA antagonists.

If you ever have some overwhelming thought broadcasting experiences, like the TV and radio start talking to you, and not just at you, and strangers start responding to your thoughts, I’d recommend you try a low dose of Abilify to stop it, based on this info I’ve gathered.

I’m not arguing whether thought broadcasting is real or not, it sure feels real, and simply willing it away does not work. Something’s up with the brain chemistry that needs fixing, and I strongly believe it is an overly-upregulated NMDA receptor density.

I still have thought broadcasting, anti psychotic meds didnt help that much. But I’m sure anxiety plays a part in thought broadcasting because you’re nervous and you start assuming things.

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I’m on a max dose of paliperidone, which helps with voices, but not with thought broadcasting. My house is quiet, so I feel fine in it, but as soon as I go out in public I start feeling like people are talking about me and responding to my thoughts. It’s pretty BS.

Anxiety definitely makes it worse, but it even happens when I’m comfortable at home and people are walking around outside chatting.

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Ditto to that @naturallycured

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I’m going to try the low dose Abilify, on top of my Paliperidone, on the 8th when I see my pdoc.

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Cant abilify cause anxiety? I have a thought broad casting delusion and intrusive thoughts, which gives me anxiety when in public but I manage it but I dont think I could handle extra anxiety haa

It can, but a low dose like 0.5 or 1 mg is not likely to cause much of it.

One of the off-label uses of Abilify is to treat anxiety, so it really depends on the person.

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Reckon it could be taken with risperidone? :slight_smile:

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One of the posts I quoted has someone who was taking a risperidone injection include 0.5 mg Abilify a week to treat his thought broadcasting delusion.

May want to try 1 mg a day, as needed, to increase or reduce it according to what you feel comfortable with.


This is really amazing information in this post. I feel like most pdocs don’t even know about this.

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I put myself on haldol after reading about it on crazyboards. I had severe thought broadcasting and ideas of reference. Tvs and radio talking to me. I call it all synchronisities from the world at large. Little did I know which you bring up is that haldol is an nmda antagonist. I think I may make a post about this.

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That’s interesting, did you resolve your thought broadcasting with Haldol?

Also, I encourage you to make a post about it. SZ sufferers could use more info about that symptom.

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Paliperidon has helped me with thoughtbroadcasting. On Trevicta/Trinza 263 mg atm. Was on Xeplion/Invega Sustenna for almost two years before that.

Glad it helped you.

I’m on a max dose of Paliperidone though, 12 mg, and thought broadcasting is still full-force happening every time I go out.