Medication change

Has anything me changed from Abilify to another med because of weight gain.


I tried abilify for over a year but it didn’t work out. Went back to zyprexa. I gained most of my weight on risperdal. I’ve lost on zyprexa…that is the thing…it’s hard to know what works for you without trying others.


I was on a lot of meds at one time. Abilify was okay, but it causes me a lot of weight gain. Probably from restlessness and anxiety. I would eat or drink diet soda to calm my nerves.

I couldn’t tell what the abilify was doing because of the side effects. I’ve taken a lot of meds. Hope it gets better for you though.

Thanks so much!

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This is good news!

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Weight gain on olanzapine. A lot.
Abilify is weight gain for sure, but for me that´s secondary now. It works.

Same here. I have the same experience.