Medical Marijuana for Bipolar disorder

I dont think I have schizophrenia. Medical Marijuana helps me a ton. I dont/never hear voices or see things. How did I end up with this stupid label? Guess being reckless.

Marijuana makes me feel like Im in my body or Im aware of my surroundings. Vyvanse helps me too. They on top of Abilify were a good combination. Abilify less effective.

I feel like a joke. I sleep all day. My dad keeps pushing me to do things when I have no car/no future/no energy and my doctor isnt helping me. I am being mailed paperwork for a new psychiatrist.

over it.

I know some people that use it. Be careful though because according to most research marijuana increases the incidence of manic episodes. best of luck


I smoked less than a G recently and felt great. It was good stuff too like medical or pure so it wasnt gross it was good…I dont have a habit of it but it does really help me.

i smoke and work all day long. It helps me destress but its freaking expensive. I use the cannabis wax.

Weed is a short fix n will beat u in the ass later best stop smoking that stuff mate

I’m glad you mentioned this. Weed and sz do not mix. Weed and bipolar don’t either, for that matter. If you’re depressed, get some exercise. You’ll only sink deeper if you continue using. Medical cannabis is the same as recreational cannabis, there’s no special jar for the ‘ill.’

Sorry to come down so harshly on this, but I don’t think it’s proper to endorse mj on this site.


A member can mention using medical marijuana. It’s not being endorsed by staff.

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I endorse VITAMIN D…but not for certain types of people.

You dont have schizophrenia. What are you on this site for? Have we met or something?

I have some questions.

You say cannabis is helping you a ton,

And in the next breath say how horrible you’re doing.

You have no energy and such.

You should probably quit the weed until you get some natural motivation to improve your life.

I smoke/vape cannabis all day, everyday.

But I make my bed, clean my house, and generally get ■■■■ done.

If you can do that, cannabis is not a problem.

But it sounds like you are further impairing yourself.

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I havent been smoking. I smoked one bowl and gave the rest to my mom. Why does everyone assume so much with me…

I have been taking abilify every night, eliquis twice a day. otherwise, taking meds as prescribed. am sober. smoked two days ago so I dont even have it in my system. drank cofffee today so that woke me up a lil but i still feel dragged down

You’re the one that said you were smoking.

Don’t get an attitude.

Read your own OP.

Also you said your dad was getting on your case about not doing much.

You’re too defensive to take decent advice.

Too bad.

its been months of being medicated and having this low motivation. I smoked weed once three days ago and felt better and motivated. not sure what advice u offered since i dont smoke every day and I dont have it accessible to me.

Feel free to experiment and find out. It’s your life. I used to smoke and can’t afford it financially and healthwise. Personally i find schoolmedicines are better.

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