Med Vraylar

Anyone Tried Vraylar ?? Does it Supposed to Improve Cognitive symptoms (Concentration , Social Functioning…etc) Like iti-007 ?? …How much it Cost In the US ?

To me it has too much weight gain but yeah the marketing material says it helps with negative symptoms. Try for cost near you

My psychiatrist made the suggestion that I give Vraylar a shot and try it.

I now am having Second thoughts on trying this new med.

It seems that Akathisia, Agitation and Anxiety seem to be pretty common side effects of this drug.

I mean WTF! I do not need to be stimulated or suffer with more Anxiety in my liife - I am revved up and Anxious enough!

What is it with these new meds and Akathisia and Anxiety - It seems to be common side effects of these newer drugs.

Now I am back to square 1 - Choosing a different Antipsychotic is going to be challenging!

I am so sick of this ■■■■!

I think there has been a slight knee jerk reaction to the sedation common in meds like seroquel. Not up on the pharmacology but I think the meds which are partial dopamine agonists (or is it antagonists?) can have a bit of a stimulating property.

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Yeah thats for sure!

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I want to know if any one tried it?