Med Reduction: Rough night

As some know I have dropped 25% (200mg) of my Amisulpride.

Not sure what’s happening, but I feel really weird, and before I went to bed last night I had disturbances in my visual field with lots of colours and images floating around the room

It took me ages to get to sleep, and I have been awake since 2am. I feel different. Like I am buzzing off ecstasy or something like that.

I am not sure if this is because of my med reduction, or the long hours I have been putting in on my business

Literally by the end of yesterday I was struggling to even type on my laptop

What do you think based on the above?

Is it exhaustion, or onset of a mild psychosis?

Can someone advise, as I will need to go back up on my meds, but obviously I am reluctant

Maybe you are exhausted and also mildly psychotic.

Did the doctor say that you were on a high dose?

I chose to reduce, and gave the doctor little opportunity to assist as I did it myself without him. But he is on side now

I was on 800mg which is an acute dose, which is why I want to take less

I see, but you should always reduce your meds with a doctor’s approval.

Maybe you should take a sleeping pill to aid you with sleep. Sometimes when I’m psychotic I can’t sleep.

I have Nozinan 50mg (Levomepromazine) as a PRN, but if I take that now it will ruin my day, plus after waking up I feel horrible for about an hour or so

The doctor approves, but we disagree on 25% reduction, he suggested to do 5-10%, but that is too slow for me.

I see. Just always take care of yourself first before doing anything.

Yeah sleeping pills tend to do that.