Meaningful, functional recovery... Getting there. Some big accomplishments in past three months. Back on meds

Hi, so basically, after a calamitous breakdown and hospitalization in October. I am getting back on my feet better than ever before! BUT the stress of my new and highly demanding occupational activities precipitated some no small symptom return, leading to stress for my family, and I decided to abandon the plan to slowly taper that I had worked out with my doctor–safely–because honestly, I am definitely not ready. And it will be at least two more years, just my guess, before I even will be ready to consider that question again. My psychiatrist was/is really awesome / informed / nonjudgemental though. I got back on a similar medication and dosage as prior to my breakdown in the fall: Caplyta at 42 mg, once every other day. My psych says the research shows that at steady plasma states, even though there’s a comparatively short half-life to its contemporaries, most meds can be taken every other day effecting a half dosage. So yeah. Decided to give it a fair run, see how not tapering and just enjoying stability goes… The stability and great reaction to neuroleptics that I’ve been blessed with… lol.

I kind of had a profound conversion of heart / breakthrough moment in the hospital. And I credit some of the recovery to my work with my psychoanalytic therapist.

  1. Signed the contract for my debut book with a huge press: editor, publicist, book tour, TV/movie rights, big advance, et c.

  2. Registered for classes that start in three days(!) at my college I’ve returned to. Wouldn’t have been able to do this during my episode…

  3. Been accepted into my cocurricular psychoanalytic clinical training at the SF Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis… have classes there too.

  4. And, big one, I am now a Candidate monk at a cenobitic biritual (Eastern and Roman) Catholic monastery south of my home City. And yeah, I am sure this is what I will be doing with my life. It was years of pondering interrupted by sickness; now I’ve moved to doing. For the next year, I live half-time at the monastery instead of my family’s home.

  5. Am now running a successful freelance content writing / copyediting business… INCOME!

  6. Well, I’m sober and actually sleep now. Always more enjoyable.

…Goals for the future include adding an online ethnobotanical garden/nursery business based at our monastery which operates in a self-sufficient homesteading way, to generate income for my religious community that I now warmly call home. AND saving for a van so I and potentially friends or the other monks and nuns can travel to Yosemite or another wilderness or something for a little backpacking retreat/pilgrimage. :slight_smile:

Honestly I’m gettin there… Life is pretty joyful when you really just pay attention to the reality of things, not gonna lie.

By the way, any good self-recovery books for schizophrenics??? I’ve found a lot of benefit from reading older psychiatric literature, and of course, spiritual literature, but I thought I’d ask. How are you guys though? It’s been a while since posting.


Sounds like you’re doing really well! I’m so happy for you!

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Sounds like you are doing good. A doc in the family said that if things have been solid for a year it’s worth a shot at trying to taper off meds. I’m hoping to get there some day. I just have to really want it and check myself to get on the right path.

Nobody said life would be easy :wink:

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Congratulations, I feel like I’ve made leaps and bounds. With the help of my husbands insurance, I got on Saphris, I only hear voices a few times month


That’s huge progress @StarDazzle ! I have never been on Saphris but have heard some good things. Congrats on the new insurance.

Thanks @ZmaGal ; I have always appreciated your support on this online space throughout the years… :slight_smile:


That’s a great rule of thumb and pretty in line with what my doctor says and what feels intuitive to me.

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That means a lot to me @HulGil :slight_smile:


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