Anyone frequent this site that has recovered

Recovery is hard to quantify I know.

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managing yes. recovered no.


Me too somewhere between managing and recovered. Still think I need a novel med to push me on that extra bit. I’ve tried most meds bar clozapine and I cant see myself going their. I’ve high hopes for this new formulation of olanzapine moving through clinical trials.

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I have not recovered,i used to have episode everyday the past 4 years,and then Mirtazapine was added my mood problem was lifted…I still had a few episode after Mirtazapine was added,but I feel the episode isn’t too bad…now I use medication with lower stress strategy to combat against Mental Episode,i hope to be stable,if I am stable for long then I would look for recovery…


What is recovered?

Off meds and stable? Very long term ? 10yrs later ?

Recovery is living well with the presence or absence of mental health


For me personally i would say that recovery would mean that i work full time and the illness does not impede me in terms of fully engaging in life with people , etc. all though if i could just hold down a full time job in my area of expertise without massive discomfort then that would be a very good recovery.

Oh so a new olanzapine coming out
I have not fully recovered but managing and trying more things going out more

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I’m managing better then I ever have… with help.

I can make it through my day and get to my job and keep up.

But I still have some heavy glitches and other things going on… I wouldn’t say recovered.


The title of the thread is “Anyone frequent this site that has recovered”

Then I guess I’ve been in a ‘recovered’ status for a few years. My psychiatrist seems to be considering changing my diagnosis to Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was originally Paranoid Schizophrenic, and now Schizoaffective.

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I wouldn’t say recovered in the sense that I’ve returned to the state I was before I developed sz. I’d rather say adapted or grown. I don’t think my brain will ever be quite the same. There’s also my prodrome to consider, I mean I’m not sure I ever was really ‘normal’.

But to a layman, I’ve recovered. I have a decent job, social contacts etc. I’m lucky. But one thing I won’t recover is the years of hard work that got me to this point, or the out of pocket expenses I paid for decent therapy. Or the family I never had because I was too busy to learn the social and copings skills to deal with all that. You always feel like you are behind everyone else.


I recovered from depression and hopelessness i had during 2012 and 13 mostly, some in early 14.
I also quit drinking in 13, so recovered from that which I know led to some issues.

As far as spirit related things happening, a few have happened and I saw one entity in the fall of 14…but that’s just natural for me…nothing to ‘recover’ from.


:boom: Right there… bang. I always feel like I’m behind everyone else. Even when I’m not.


Functionally recovered? Yes, very much so.

In remission (symptom-free)? No. Probably never will be.


Probably there are some, but what happened to them, we might never know.

I don’t think someone who had sz will ever return to his state before his first onset, positive symptoms might disappear which means recovery in the eyes of other people, negative symptoms vary between different people but they remain beside the cognitive symptoms. For me, recovered, no, adapted? Yes.

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What is the new formulation about? I take olanzapine + could use some improvements.

I think I cope well, but I don’t see a complete recovery without medication that would cause it. I hope scientists find a way to combat Schizophrenia better.

I wish they had an answer for why the negatives remain. It must be brain damage or something

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Adapted , yeah i get that

Its called ALKS 3831 at the moment.

This could be good news. Olanzapine as it stands now is surprisingly good ( it gets a bad rap) on some of the biggest issues in AP treatment. Some might not know it but its way above its competitors in the following areas

Eps issues
Restlessness issues
Prolactin problems
AP efficacy
QT problems

However unfortunately we know where its not so good ; metabolic and weight gain problems

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