Me and a friend did this

We reconstituted an old 70s magnivox hutch with record player and sterio. And I just happened to have an old dubliners record in my trunk. So we played it. The song dirty old town was a perfect end to both mine and his saga.

Here’s a few pics


I have a musician friend who collects things like those! He has a few 70’s units in amazing condition. He still has the biggest music collection of anyone I know and a hell of a lot of it is on vinyl.

Well done you…love it!


Nice. Maybe we will go garage sailing and try to find something else for my place. Yeah me and my friend love music and we’ve always had a knack for repairing stuff. Thanks rogue

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It’s great ! Nice work @ablue !

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Nice job, I see a few of those on the classified sites, but most say the needle is broken, which I would imagine you can’t buy anymore?

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looks vintage

super cool.

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