Maybe this is the same

For every parent or mom…

But I think I’m realizing now that I have/have had postpartum anxiety for awhile…

Every little thing about my daughters future is stressing me out.

Also intrusive thoughts that I just have to keep blocking out…

Not until I had my daughter was I terrified of moving somewhere away from my parents. Maybe I’ve just become dependent…

Idk, I need to talk to my therapist about this this week


Postpartum depression is definitely a real thing.

So your feelings and emotions are authentic.

Maybe talk to your mom, too? If you feel like sharing that with her.

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I had severe post partum depression and anxiety. I know what you mean. I always saw my psych doctor after having my babies and ended up in the ward needing med changes. Hopefully it will get better over time. But tbh, raising kids is stressful. Always will be. Stay strong. You got this.


Judging from your posts you seem strong partner and mother as well. You don’t have other experienced women to lean on like your mom.

I wouldn’t go around throwing post partum depression. Becoming parent for first time is always stressful. You’re not used to it. Your experience with schizophrenia doesn’t help much either.

I didn’t say postpartum depression, I said postpartum anxiety.

But it could just be the having a child in general and my SZ…

Idk, like I said, I’m gonna talk to my therapist.


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Yeah, it could just be having a child in general that’s stressing me out…

Either way, I don’t like how I’ve been feeling.

Thanks for your words

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Sorry. I came off dismissive.

Our daughter was a day short of two weeks when 9/11 happened. That was profoundly depressing to new parents.


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