Maybe they care after all

Or maybe they were just checking if I died or not. But the physician at one of the hospitals I stayed at 4 years ago looked me up on LinkedIn while the psychologist I saw 5 years ago looked me up on Facebook.

Did they send you a friend request or something? How can you tell that they looked you up?

Both sites are stalker proof. If they look you up then they will show up under “suggested friends” regardless if you have any common connections or not. In these cases we had zero common connections/mutual friends

They sound like dedicated professionals. We could use more like them.


it’s hard for doctors to care when they see what people do to themselves - - - and others. when someone comes into the ER on a Saturday night after getting in a car wreck after having a little too much to drink and you invest emotional energy into him only to see him come in on Wednesday with a woman with a black eye and a broken nose who “fainted and hit her head on the kitchen counter” . . . when that happens, you feel betrayed. when he comes in on Friday night with a heroin overdose, you feel stupid for caring to begin with.

the social workers I know and have known have used pseudonyms so I wouldn’t know if they looked me up or not

ah, but if they haven’t looked you up, how do you know they use pseudonyms?

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Ive tried to look them up one or two anyway

but then you know their pseudonyms so . . . i guess they can have more than one each. you have a point.

I don’t know if that is true there were times when almost all of my suggested friends were women I didn’t know. That doesn’t make sense.