May stop painting for art reasons

I may just sell to people I know from now on instead of doing art shows…I’m afraid I will have to file taxes on income if I do an art show…any info on that?

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Dunno. I think in my country there is a limit. If you sell art for below a certain amount annually or pr. item it’s tax free. You might want to check up your local rules.


Depends on how honest you are. If you are paid by cash by random people I don’t see an indictment. If there is a paper trail then taxes apply.

Haven’t seen any of your artwork btw.

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why not @ThePickinSkunk I have posted a painting or two every day for the last week…where ya been?

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Haha! The forum is too big for stinky me.

Sorry. I’ll see some eventually.


There’s an idea here that if your income is under a certain amount the government won’t care enough to do anything about it. What that number is varies from person to person. A very strict estimate is less than £1000 a year. I’ve also heard people bumping that up higher to like a few grand but I don’t know how truthful that is.

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if you wait a minute I will post them on this thread. @ThePickinSkunk

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Would love that Juke.



Those are awesome Juke. Love em. Can I ask. What is your inspiration?

I love the middle pic the best. It hits home with minimalism all the way.


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I have been using my delusions to give ideas for the the middle picture…called “aerials”…I know it’s the name of a system of a down song but I had the delusion before the song came out so nyahhh… haha

I just think and sketch real hard a while and then come up with something for the other paintings…plus I love science fiction.

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Posting art doesn’t mean there’s income attached, believe me. I have thousands of images online I’m not making $$$ from.


With a penny per pixel I ask: why aren’t you worth the 5^10 power in peanuts? Oops! ■■■■! You aren’t a squirrel anymore. Your mistake.


Blame @anon4362788 for that. She is, uh, persuasive.

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My friend sells art at shows. Basically, if people pay by card, make SURE to add sales tax to the price. And then pay that sales tax to the govt. If people pay by cash… Definitely also charge sales tax and report the full amount of the painting as income because otherwise you would be getting away with a type of tax fraud that nobody could ever prove or really go after you for

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@Ninjastar I think I will just start asking such a low price for my paintings that nobody would ever care…

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basically about forty bucks plus cost of materials and time.

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Theres also a difference between being registerrd as an ofticial business and hust doing it as a hobby. If you register as a business you can write off the cost of things like materials, training classes,gas to and from shows, website costs, etc. But you also have to keep scrupulous accounts.

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no I doubt I can keep thinking up paintings as fast and quick as I have and that is what would be necessary to start a business…I will just sell painting to friends from now on…thanks ninjastar.

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