May have an eye infection

The left side of my eyeball was hurting and it’s kinda crusty. A doctor told me with my last eye infection that it’s okay to splash tap water on it with a clean paper towel. It stopped hurting now but is still a little crusty. I’m debating if I should go in to my PCP.

Phil me drops OTC from store pharmacy.
they’re expensive though.
but work.
might want to look around.

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I think my bottle says, 4 to 5 times a day. not sure I’m doing that much. plus wanna make it last.

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Is the crust like a discharge that is almost mucus like?

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It’s a little like puss. Thanks @dougRN

Yeah you might want to call your primary or go to urgent care. Wouldnt hurt to get it checked out.

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Thanks @dougRN @Daze


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