Mathematical question

When tapering off from medication it is recomendet to tapper 10% every 3-4 weeks. So if i am taking 1.75mg risperdone, how much less would be 10%…risperdone comes in 0.25 mg - 0.50mg - 1mg- 2,3,4


you need to ask your doctor. Seriously. We’re all crazy.


I cant ask my doc, his not on my side, if i trust him he will make me handycap.

not good. You need to trust your doc and get his approval before going off of your meds.

You can’t unless you cut pills as you would be dealing with 0.175 mg. I would just drop the 0.25…it’s a little more than 10%, but I’ve seen a couple people drop a lot quicker than 10% every 3 - 4 weeks. More like 25% every 3 - 4 days and being completely off in 2 weeks…It all depends on an individuals reaction. Some people can even do it cold turkey, though that can be dangerous.

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1.75 is a low dose for risperidone. I know the side effects are unpleasant. I’m on it too, but I’m also taking cogentin to help with the pain.

To function even on a basic level I have to have coffee every morning. It is just part of the package.

You have to understand that this medicine is there to help you. Your doctor will help you if you honestly say, “this medicine isn’t working for me.” The reason why you can say that is because you’re experiencing doubt about your medicine. Doubting your doctor and medicine is an early sign that you are not doing so well. It is a signal for you to approach your doctor with your concerns. Believe me he understands.

I dont trust my doctor because he always fight with me and convince me that i dont lower my med. i lowered my med from 3mg to 1.75mg and i had a lot of fight with him, untill he was pissed off and reduced it… I feel much better than i was on high med. none of my pdocs seen me in psychosis. The only pdoc that seen me not well was in the hospital when i first got diagnose. My condition is improving day by day. I have a holistic doctor that balances my neurotransmitter, i am planning to lower it up to 1mg.

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I don’t think you have to be so accurate. Just cut of a smidge than a bigger smidge.


Yes but the point is you are asking for help. Not with math but with the rational mind that is in you. that one is asking for help.

You should not be going off your meds. Your are doing better day by day. So you want to throw it away and go off the anti-psyc’s. So you become more normal like it was again.

Also do not give the holistic doctor any more money than the first time he saw you. Simple as that.

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