Master Zwolfgang and Patrick Collaborate!

@zwolfgang has just made an Orchestral version of my ballad…‘Falling to Pieces’

He is an incredible talent and just made my 15 year old daughter cry after she listened to it!

Enjoy!! :sunny:


The way @zwolfgang has produced this, I could see it being a score to a major motion picture.

It really is a wonderful piece of music. Thanks again Big Z! You da man!! :slight_smile:


Wow guys, this is amazing, truly beautiful.


Hey no problem @anon39054230! It was an honor to do your song, youve got some beautiful chord changes in the bridge there!
I was going for that big cinematic score type feel so Im glad you think so!

Btw a blog just approached me asking to feature the piece on the homepage, would you be okay with that? Im really excited, I think this thing just might be taking off!

@Sardonic Thanks! Pat’s a wonderful songwriter, he made it easy to sound good

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Amazing work, both of you! I love all the collaborations happening lately!


My other daughter said…

“Oh Daddy! I can imagine a ballerina dancer or a figure skater performing to this song!”

I think you really hit it out of the park, there @zwolfgang !! :sunny:

And Big Z, go ahead and let your blogger buddy feature it on his website. The more people hear it…the merrier! :slight_smile:


Wow, Im so glad you and your daughters like this so much! Im really proud of this piece I gotta say, but remember it wouldnt be great if your song wasnt so awesome!

I went and gave my guy the go ahead, and Im already getting a bunch of views!

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What’s the blog site? i’d love to be a fly on the wall!

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@anon39054230. Are you the guy who wrote the lullaby for his twins? That dude has an amazing voice

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Here it is:

Of course when kids get older you’re yelling: GO TO SLEEP!!!

Something cool I just found:

I like this too

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woahhhhh this is so cooooool!
Well done. You guy are awesome!


I think I may have made a mistake.

Our song is getting thousands of listens. And now my delusions of reference and delusions of persecution are acting up. I’m reading double/ triple meanings in to the radio…shirts on people walking by…lisence plates…billboard signs…etc.

I feel awful, but can’t sleep. I hope I snap out of it soon, or I may have to go to the Hospital again.

Im sorry @anon39054230 I dont know what to tell you except it isnt real. But Im as surprised as you are about how quick this happened. If you want me to take it down I will, it might be too much…

It’s okay @zwolfgang

Your wonderful production is going to stay. I’ve battled this beast many times and my only two weapons are my music and my sense of humour.

I’ll snap out of it. :sunny:

Ok. If it ever gets to be too much dont hesitate to contact me about taking it off soundcloud.

Its good that you have insight that youre having delusions at least

Hope you get to feeling better

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