Who likes martial arts, be it mma or judo or muay thai or classic boxing?

Who watches UFC? Who watches Bellator?

Anybody besides me and @Jimbob going to watch BJ PEnn fight on the Lee v Chiesa card?

Post your favorite fighters! Post your favorite fight!

I love Valentina Shevchenko (UFC MMA), and Saenchai (Muay Thai, Thailand). Also, Diaz brothers woo! and i also like chael sonnen and he was a great, enthusiastic coach on his season of TUF.
How about you guys?


Saenchai is the man. I like bjj a lot. Have you seen much ebi rules stuff. Is exciting!

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I don’t know this term!

Have you heard of tfc (Team Fighting Championship)? That stuff is like waaaay out there (5 dudes fight another 5 dudes and if the ref stops 1 pair, the winner runs off to jump some other dude with like the other dudes at the same time.

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Oh is that that crazy Russian team fighting?! Is crazy. There are like 5 referees too.

Ebi is Eddie bravo invitational rules. Can’t remember them all but basically it means there is always a winner in the bjj match (they often tend to otherwise run out of time)

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I think TFC is out of Latvia, but that’s close to Russia.There are a ton of Russian and even American teams!

It’s not allowed in the US so I just watch the fights available on youtube. The first time I watched it my jaw was like :scream:

Thanks for the info on Ebi!

Check out Vasyl Lomenchinko on youtube. Everyone quits.

As far as other martial arts I used to take taekwondo and was pretty good at it.


I love classic boxing, although I don’t know much about the different new fighters in it.

I also love Okinawan and Shotokan Karate, Judo, and various Jui-Jitsu styles. So basically any martial art haha.

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I love boxing… but I love kung fu more… I got better than my instructor in kendo in 3 months… and better than my mma instructors in 6 months… but I don’t like hurting people… so im torn on the subject…