Mapping the human brain requires a supercomputer like Aurora 21


We require huge funding and super computer…

3 more years to go. Supercomputers and AI will change our lives.


Even can it help sz…???

Yes, definitely.

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"If successful, the technology could make waves in the medical field. Susie Huang, a radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and researcher with the Human Connectome Project, says that many disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia, are likely rooted in anomalies in the structure of neurons.

“A lot of how we diagnose disease is looking under a microscope and saying, ‘OK, these cells are altered, so therefore you have this kind of disease,’ ” she says. But MRIs and other current brain-imaging methods are too coarse and can’t easily suss out such anomalies. They can’t tie together cause and effect.

A fine-grained map of the brain could change that, she says, and help doctors diagnose psychiatric disorders or possibly even predict them."


Lets hope…!!! Time to be positive…!!!

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