Managed to read a book

It’s been a long time since reading a book. Read The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn Saks, it was powerful, and also devastating somewhat because eye related to a lot she described.

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What’s the book about

It’s an autobiography, she wrote about her life and her experiences, she actually managed to get multiple degrees and became a professor at usc. She described her hospitalizations and being restrained to a bed

She wrote about the lack of restraints on England because was in the hospital there twice and she pushed for that here in the states because it is degrading and humiliating

Nice! Ive heard of her. If by some miracle i get into USC, i will totally try to see her. If i do I will take questions from the group to ask XD

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Her book helped me because each time she had difficulties, she kept going and never stopped fighting

I just recently moved my bookshelf and whats left of my books into my place. I used to own well over a hundred books which my family sold to mainly one customer, a sociology grad student, after I’d moved out. For all I remember I might of well of stuck to Kurt Vonnegut novels though. Been reading a series about 20,000 or so 21st century Americans who find themselves in Germany during the 30 years war, if you want to confuse voices (I know I’ve had both) this is it…every paragraph their demanding to know what this book is about, and I don’t tell them, I’ve gotten “romance novel” " must be" and then it’s like no it’s a war novel. then it’s like a steam ship enters the 17th century and someones shooting down enemies with a semi-automatic and they lose thier minds "WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!!!

Thought it was my downstairs neighbor (I dont care if you think i’m crazy) but according to the managements coiled letter at the doorknob she’s not been home in days. Who knows.

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Will you be going to usc soon, are you taking classes?

What book are you reading?

It’s a series by Eric Flint and various co-authors, a sort of genre busting-scifi/alt history series known as the 163X novels. Again a family recomendation, as when reading an unrelated book by one of Eric Flint’s co-author’s I had an erie feeling of deja vou (I know you don’t speak that word in my parts) when the main character entered an auditorium of the mechanics benvolent society in Manchester England (Late 1800’s).

What this brought to mind was giving up on all erthwhile money making ventures and retreating to the “pillow room” to type furiosly on my laptop, I swear to the gods above I wrote that scene, that plot. Even if it was not truly me in mind I was there and I remember, hastily, manically, sketching out a plot to the chagrin of all who knew me me, except one, wherever you may be, may you be at peace.

Elements of mind th9is novel is called and I believe I sketched out the plot on my laptop before they “got me” for all the horrow those two words entale.

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I have applied and am waiting to see if I got in or not. It is a terrible waiting period. If I get in, there is a chance that I would go (depending on funds and such…tis a pricey place). I have been there once, and it is a beautiful school. I would love to go but don’t want to get my hopes up.

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Wish you the best, being in school is a most excellent environment

May try to read some of those, hard to stay focused lately

I read the Oxford Dictionary once…

“Spoiler Alert”

The Zebra did it!

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…but the Aardvark started it. :wink:

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No I understand I’ve been through times when I couldn’t read for the life of me. Been through times when all I could do is pace and manage to get an hours sleep a night on my couch, four months over.

I read the Bible once…god’s an a**hole.

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It scares me so bad, though.

It will be good tho, for me it was, would be nice to go back, thinking of trying to get my masters in fine art in New Orleans but there are many variables

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