Has anyone read Elyn Saks' book The Center cannot hold?

I was just wondering if anyone’s read Elyn Saks book. One of the most inspiring books about sz I’ve read. She went through hell but came out an amazing human being! She won a prestigious award called the McArthur and is now the dean of a department there at ISC in Southern California! U might want to check the book out!


That woman is a hero to me. Gonna buy this book later tonight.

I read it. Great book and inspiring story. Would definitely reccomend it to anyone with serious mental illness.

She’s an awesome lady:




@JeffSimpson11 I’m about half way through the book. It’s interesting and very well written.


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In the book she gets psychoanalysis and does not get better. Then she gets meds and improves. Her conclusion is that the psychotherapy cured her. I thought she was bogus.


I loved the book. Great read :+1:

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I tried to read it, but didn’t like it very much. I get it, though, she improved and made a life for herself. But I don’t know if I consider her a role model.

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I read her book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I understand that she doesn’t suffer from significant negative symptoms.

I would would like to read it in my language. :unamused:

It was a good book and a very in depth account of what it’s like to have sz. I like what Robert said though, she credits her therapist with making her better when really it was med compliance that she says her success is due to. She kinda contradicts herself there but it was a good read and a clever title.
The “center” is a day program that she attended when she had a problem smoking pot. The “center” could also be interpreted as her sanity or center of gravity. It’s a clever play on words that you have to read the book to figure out.

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