Man my ability to read novels (previously fine) sucks

I’ve done 2 neurofeedback sessions so far and on the 2nd one my reading has level and speed has increased by alot. I went from being tired of reading after like 5 minutes to going on for a while, so there is hope with this. @firemonkey One dimensional reading was partially happening to me. I was(I’m not sure now as I haven’t tried reading a book lately) also seeing a book partially only because of what the paper looked like and without the imagination. Hopefully this will go away

I was an avid and eclectic reader in my teens. At that time I thought not being able to visualise was the norm . Thus there was no sense of missing out on anything.
It took guided imagery sessions for anxiety over 15 years ago to make me realise how wrong that was . Other people were having a positive response to it while I was not.

After that I was fully aware that there was something missing for me when it came to the reading experience. Though much more so fiction than non fiction wise.

I am like @everhopeful. I used to be a total bookworm, but after my head injury I had to relearn to read and I haven’t gotten the same joy from it ever since. I put on audiobooks while I do an activity, like showering, taking a walk, grocery shopping, etc. I started by listening to books I had already read and enjoyed. Then I moved on to new ones, after I got used to listening.

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I sent you a reply just in case you didn’t see my post earlier. Neurofeedback does work, but you have to make sure the practitioner is decent. This can be checked by looking at good reviews. The one I went to has 11 good ones so at least that number should suffice.