Man loving my new haircut


I used to have very thick hair but I am thinning out a bit now. For some reason this makes it look better when it’s short.


Yeah I am 43 and my hair is thinner than it used to be.


My hair was extremely thick up until I was about 49 years old, then, a lot of it fell out. At 59 now, my hair is a lot thinner. And you’re right. Thin hair looks a lot better short.


My hair is very thick


Don’t worry Jimbob it’s not the end of the world! My hairline has slowly been receding over the past few years and i’m 30. I think i’ll be bald by 40 something.


My last barber also told me I was going grey. I am in my late 30s


I have the occasional gray hair. Still not a lot. I think it happens to everyone Jimbob! Least you’ll have some hair when it does.


I think when my hair line starts receding I will just shave it. I think that is the best look for receding hair


Lucky you…mine has changed…it’s still there but not so volomous anymore :frowning:

I have to shove it up with my hands to give it more volume sigh. Life


I think it’s natural for men’s hair to thin to some degree with age. That doesn’t always mean you’ll go bald.


How long was it before, was it always short?


Wasn’t long but I hadn’t cut it since before Xmas


Dont think a shaved head would suit me lol, I would look like a serial killer.


It is a risk. With me a difference of 5mm in shaved hair length distinguishes between ok and criminal


Got some gray hairs. Started at 30 something.


I need a new haircut. Haven’t gone since September. Don’t know who I would go to though…


same here, i have grey on the side and a little slither in the middle of my fringe, i’m growing it a bit more now lol, i may need to go to a proper barbers again :confused:

no thinning though lol