Man, I wish I could still make music

Man, even just up to a month ago I was able to make music. I feel I could still technically make music, but I just don’t feel connected to it anymore, so like what’s the point?


Kind of like my drawings… Feels soulless to do a technically okay artwork. Stuck on should I just do it.

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I used to be really into art. I transitioned to music as for me it takes less creativity/soul to create music (I just go by what sounds good). But yeah, I feel you on that. Idk if I could ever get back into art because it would lack the soul. It would only be a display of technical talent.

I deleted that reply, I didn’t like the idea I had. My bad

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I do that constantly. On here. Then the forum says you can’t delete anymore cause there’s a limit. Not sure why.

eh, idk, I guess it could be abused in some way or other.

Yeah - its just bad when you put something out and change your mind. I’m used to it now - like whatever. Its too late can’t take it back.

I always wanted to be in a band when I was younger.

It’s probably a single most desire from when I was a kid.

Trouble is I never was able to start one.

Now I think I’d be good at writing music, but I don’t sing or play an instrument anymore


If you have problems you can always flag your post. You can add other and tell us why you want it deleted and a mod will deal with it if the software won’t allow you.


garage band on the iPhone or Logic on the iMac
Would you have enough motivation to try digital music?

Good to know sometimes its distressing. Thanks @roguetwo

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Yes but I am not sure what I would do with it

Be like my novel sat on my computer 20,000 words strong with no chance of being completed

Work in progress… That’s a lot of words down though - hope you can publish it one day.

I have not added to it for a couple of years.

What’s your novel about?

How the humans arrived here, and ruined their home like they did on their previous planet. Lots of threads relating to colonialism, environmentalism and capitalism


Love the idea. Xxxxxxx


Oh I see, yeah, I’ve always viewed the human race as sort of a parasite on this planet. We are very good at destroying to environment and what not.

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Unrelated, sort of related, I just made a song, I can upload it to my soundcloud, but my soundcloud uses my full real name. Not sure what to rename my soundcloud to.

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I used to love the naming process / like naming a company / brand / even online handles and password.