I dont know if I should keep this

I dont know what Im making anymore, I have trouble with inspiration. I need stable internet to get good plugins again, Ive been using the same ones over and over

Question is, is this one worth keeping :thinking:


That sounds like it would be a good background beat for a rap song. Is that the intention?

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you could sell that to a kids video games publisher i think.

its good :slight_smile:

I took keyboard lessons this morning

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Its a bit annoying- just my opinion-id scrap it

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@SkinnyMe thanks! Yes it was

Thanks @Resilient1 ! How were your keyboard lessons?

@EARS yeah thats what I was thinking as well, its a bit too much going on and repetitive, uninspired

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I would keep the drums and bass and lose the keyboard synth…

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Mate that is ■■■■■■■ awesome! Honestly in my eyes one of your best yet!


Hey zee i am learning how to read the music, trying to remember what note is where, working on my fingering, its very enjoyable but i need to practice a bit more, the guy is flying through it with me lol. next week he wants to introduce the left hand.

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Yes! Keep it. Great work!


Sounds pretty good to me. I can hear a guitar soloing over top in parts, but that’s just me

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Thanks everyone! Glad you like it lol, getting some mixed opinions but I think Ill keep it. Who knows, might come in handy :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys!


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