Mama thats were the fun is

this winter gets over we can work on are garden…


Blinded……By…….The… Light…….

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I do a lot of lawn maintenance and today I mowed our yard. Still needs doing with a lawn trimmer but I was down the cricket club with a broken finger and filling in a trench.

I love the better weather. Don’t get me wrong on that but this working in the garden is over rated! :slight_smile:

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Ah the best thing about living on the second floor of a unit complex - NO GARDENING!! We used to live in a house (renting), which had a pretty high maintenance garden. Vines, bushes, weeds, grass…took a lot of effort to maintain. Then we got lazy and hired someone to come out and maintain it, but that was costly. So i’m now much happier living in a unit. I don’t have any gardening responsibilities.

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