The Dumb thing I Did today

got out and mowed 89 degrees

At least the work is done . . .

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If there are any (useful) rule in life, this might be one of them:

Beating oneself up for anything is repeating the same behavior expecting different results. (As well as “voice-empowering,” at least in my case.)

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I was never really a big fan of the lawn.

Never cared much for the lawn.

I don’t need no lawn.

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you fought the lawn?

89 degrees? Damn that’s hot. It’s like 105 where I live. Heat warnings every day! Can’t even run outside.

Excellent jokage bro.

I dream of a world with no lawns!

We must free people from the scourge of the lawn!

No more lawn! No more lawn!

I came home from work and I waited a WHOLE 1 hours before drinkking a beer .

above the lawn they are

I went to an AA meeting tonight with a migraine from dehydration…I think.

Move to California. Gonna be a reality here in about six months. Maybe less. (No mas agua, senor.)

I the modern houses around where I live they dont have lawn, they have stones. Rocks are the new grass

Yeah, i heard.

Gonna snowball to.

Our lawn is dead, we can blame the drought here, but the truth is, it’s dead every summer.
Our water bill runs $180 every 2 months, and that’s with not watering the yard at all.