Make your accomplishments shine

Weve seen the “make fun of yourself thread” which i dislike. Its not productive.

I finish a associates degree 5 years after my first psychotic episode with final grades being two >8.5 s and a 9/10


Thats nice! Makes you feel good

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I went to the bacalaureat high on spice and still passed. With only 6 /28 passed in my class


Yup, thank you insurance man. :slight_smile:

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Think what you could do if you weren’t dabbling with drugs.

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I had a company (which failed in the first month) while holding 2 part time jobs at 21.

I was dx at 18

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I still can if i wasent dabbling in psychosis but i will overcome this

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I’m not your daddy, or your NA sponsor, so I will be quiet about the drugs. Do what you think is best.

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I quit a long time ago

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I laughed. 15char

Sorry. My bad. … 15

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I helped my neighbor, an old lady who fell get up and i gave her care until her nephew came home.

I helped another old lady who fell, and gave her emotional support and calm her until the ambulance came.

The last one was delirious from the heat and the fall so she started calling me her gurdian angel :joy:

They are bouth still doing relatively good

Says mr stingy and doesn’t help the mentally ill. :slight_smile:

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A few months ago i was going home from the train ride. And two kids wanted to pass around the train.

They were having a discussion which took all they’re attention
The train started moving and i yelled at them " take care"

They suddenly stop. The train went a few meters more and then stopped too.

The train conductor got his head of the windows and gave them a few seconds look which i cant describe that even i got a little scared

I manage to go from 117 kg to 90 in a year and a half.

I lost around 8 kg in one of my hospitalizations. I refuse to eat the food

I wrote around 90 pages of a novel in a summer.

After I read it i realize how arrogant and bad i write, tried to redo it, couldn’t, gave up on it.

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I was doing therapy writing and wanted it perfect. I rewrote four handwritten pages ten times. I wrote from 12 midnight to 4 a.m. nonstop. It’s a good way to destroy yourself without really harming yourself. I had been so self destructive. After I wrote I watched the coolest movie on YouTube I’d ever seen. I felt like a real bad dude!

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I don’t see having a sense of humor as being unproductive.

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100 level courses are a lot harder, your last two years of a B.A.

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Yes @Daze you english degree is way more hard to achieve.

Congrats :+1: