Playing the "this time last year" game


I found a journal I started keeping when I started getting bad. This time last year I was regularly hallucinating and socially withdrawing. The delusions weren’t there yet but you could see the seeds of them.


I hope you’re in a better place now @Smokes.

I know when I started going through psychosis I didn’t seek help for a while.

Take care.


@Montezuma thanks. I’m in a much, much better place now :heart:


This time last year I was looking for a job and going to interviews. My parents were on my arse because they had noticed my improvement a few months prior, so they wanted me to man up and try working again. I was resentful back then but now I am actually grateful. They gave me the right push at the right time :grin:


thats great Andrey :slight_smile:

last year i was training at a job but it didnt work out and i had to resign start of Feb :frowning:


Oh I’m sorry you had to call it quits.
Do you work now?


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