Make fun of each other?

Do you like it if your partner makes fun of you?

How much is too much and unacceptable?

Depends on their sense of humor. If it’s playful than I think it’s ok. If their messing with your self esteem then ask then what they’re up to. Are they an ■■■■■■■ to everyone?


yeah some people have made fun of me in a humiliating way on several occasions, but I am glad because they did not get away with it and in time I returned the favour in a dignified way.

BUT sometimes I don’t find them funny.


I feel the same way. It depends on he intention. If it’s meant in a “oh, I love how strange you are” way, I like that. If it’s more of a “you’re lucky I put up with your crap” kind of thing, I am not a fan. Mr. Star only does the first kind.

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