Major tranquillisers

Yeah, they were called tranquilizers so I used to take extra prolixen to help me take a nap during the day when I was bored, Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Right, i haven’t heard of that ap before its an old one i think

Just showered so feel slightly better but that Diazapam last night must have tipped me over, i was out like a light

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Been on all those yes clozapine was the strongest, i decided to come off it after 8 months

I like Clopixol but my head very foggy often.

Good that they don’t drug you up too much hun. Im glad your happy with them. I had high prolactin so had to come off amisulpride for that. Hope your ok thou x

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You know plenty about them thanks for that info

Yeah motivation, lack of,0 has always been an issue with ap’s it would be good if there was something with no side effects

when i was going through a bad psychosis my pdoc put me on high doses of clozaril haldo and thorazine with in a week i became catatonic for a little over a month. I was totally paralyzed so they took me off all my psych meds and slowly started me back on clozaril seraquil and clonapin. It took me over a month to walk again. I was in the hospital for a little over two months but I finally felt like I was no longer a zombie.

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For about a year. Since the guy upstairs moved out I’ve been sleeping like a baby.


sould b appy wit meds b4 1950s tere was none

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Meds keep me alive

Clozapine dopes me up at 300mg before bed. I sleep like 10-11 hours on it. It also makes me salivate constantly so I use atropine drops to dry my mouth out. I have Haldol for prn but rarely take it. Going on clozapine was a pain in the ass but it’s really helped me…I haven’t been in the hospital since August!

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I find my meds very pleasant and tolerable. And those meds was the best that ever happened to me. I do in no way feel drugged up but only symptom free and relaxed.
The following is my meds regime.
500 mg Clopixol every 3 weeks
400 mg Seroquel by mouth
160 mg Geodon by mouth.
The meds do work for psychosis and I have used them for quarter of a century

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In all honesty, i feel quite sedsted when i first wake up. I need a good cup of coffee to get going. However, once im going im usually good for the rest of the day.

Fanapt 12 mg twice a day. Groggy when I first get up, but other than that all is well.