Magic mushrooms’ psilocybin may help heavy drinkers cut back

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Lol, meth will also help you lose weight :rofl:


Psilocybin can help with lots of issues.

It’s pretty impressive,

I hope they continue research.


I took Magic Mushrooms twice in college with friends. Quite a trip. But wouldn’t do it again with sz.

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Psychedelics are kind of the latest snake oil right now.

Weeds legal so its yesterdays news. Now its on to mushrooms , lcd, dmt and so on as the latest tranformative edgy health product


All the drugs should be legal and safe.

We wouldn’t have to worry about people dropping like flies because of accidental fentanyl overdoses.

But anyway,

Psilocybin is for real.

The stuff helps with a lot.

Anyone who’s dosed responsibly knows that.

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Every drug can have a use.
But right now psychedelics are being pedalled as a cure all. Its trendy.
Everyone into it is all gung ho about micro dosing. Or proper dosing to introspect and stuff.

Once it loses popularity something else will take its place.

It definitely doesnt have a place for a mind thats already prone to psychosis though. The mind is open enough as it is


Shrooms may be trendy,

But I’ve been using them since I was a teenager and can say they are not just a thing right now.

The benefits are real.


I think, like all drugs, pharmaceutical or otherwise, some people can benefit, while others do not.

We are all allowed to have our own experiences, and the effects of the same experience can vary wildly.


Lets try to keep it to the potential medical uses and teh article at hand and not get into illegal use on your own please.

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Yeah its true were all welcome to try whatever we wish at our own risk. Gotta weigh the risk reward.


Yeah its just years ago they were fringe. Now there trending.
I had friends in grade 8 that were into eating bags of mushrooms. Not sure it helped them other than to trip though.

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Antipsychotics may help cause you can’t get drunk

All I know is that a Mescaline trip during my college years triggered psychosis and derealization that lasted months.
Big ■■■■■■■ mistake.


Also the diInformative, but probably best to close as it is controversial. Also discussion of illegal substances is allowed only in recovery context.