Magic Mushrooms becoming more legal

it’s no good. brings out psychosis in me. also made me smarter at a small dose, I was able to sit and figure out how the oven worked at the beginning of the dose, after I dosed again I was so high I couldn’t figure out how to set an alarm clock.

also two of us passed out on mushrooms, maybe it was laced with something I don’t know. when I passed out I saw the eye of Sauron from the movie lord of the rings. mushrooms are no joke, I thought they were fine before I took them.

Me myself having tried LSD am surprised they would want to go down the path of legalising.

It will be cocaine next.

I’ve done LSD quite a few times, and enjoyed the experience. But this was before i needed AP’s. So i don’t take it anymore. I would be surprised if they legalised magic mushrooms. People can have some pretty bad experiences on them.

This is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous!
What’s next… heroin!!!

People have horrible experiences on hallucinogens!

My trip on mescaline triggered my sz!


Well it’s a beneficial medicine there is a lot of studies on how positive it can be.

And they’re not legalizing it. It’s decriminalization so it won’t be a felony or misdemeanor anymore rather a fine.

it’s a very sensible thing to do,

Just because people with schizophrenia can’t take shrooms doesn’t mean it can’t help millions of people with anxiety and depression and ptsd and so many other things. And doesn’t mean you should lock up 18 year olds on felony charges for possession.

That’s all they’re doing here.

Ps Drug prohibition is as dumb as alcohol prohibition! I can’t wait till our society can move forward from it.

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I’m for it.

I wonder what a world would look like with all drugs legal.

I think there are some countries that have done that. Decriminalize and you can start helping these people with rehab. Some people think it would result in something awful, but I don’t see that happening.

Does it seriously help people with depression and anxiety? I doubt that. I voted to legalize marijuana in California for the revenue but I advocate against smoking it. I thought we would all be in the same boat here. I did drugs and suffer for it.


I once took a light dose of shrooms when I was completely psychotic. Strangely enough, it was a calm and peaceful experience.
I wouldn’t recommend doing the same for anyone else though, it would be too dangerous.