Magic mushrooms for schizophrenia, trial is underway

Magic mushrooms for schizophrenia? I dont know how to do links but its latest news

I’m not exactly sure this is mainstream news?

Also, the study is being conducted by one “Professor Nutt”. No, really! You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

He has also been fired from a previous job for outlandish statements:

I wouldn’t put too much hope into this.



Yeh im taking it with a pinch of salt. I mean magic mushrooms would surely worson schizophrenia? But if it does work ill be amazed

This was a topic of discussion earlier. Is this what you are referring to?

WTF this is just ridiculous - I think that this is criminal

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Among all substances that can be experienced, it makes no sense to experience a hallucinogen. We know that hallucinogens activate receptors 5HT2a and causing symptoms similar to those of schizophrenia (positive as well as negative). Are interesting research on healthy subjects, indicating that can change the personality of the people and making them more open (under certain circumstances), but to study it to treat schizophrenia is madness.

In my opinion there is an interesting thing that should be resolved regarding the 5HT2a receptor, and I hope that sooner or later comes to mind to some researchers (maybe some researcher goes from here you never know). The 5HT2a receptor is a special, because it seems to down-regulate depending on the substance, regardless of whether it is an antagonist or agonist (or inverse agonist), or better, you can not know how it will behave the receptor until the substance will associated with it.

I found it very, very curious fact. Reading studies about the gene encoding this receptor I read (as is obvious) that those who have many receptors 5HT2a is easier than might suffer from schizophrenia, but contrary to what I thought, that same gene, one that leads more easily schizophrenia, It leads people to have more memory! It is very strange, because in fact the other genes that I know to be involved in schizophrenia are also implicated in poorer cognitive skills (in fact one of the symptoms of schizophrenia have cognitive disorders). This should be investigated, because although we know that to treat schizophrenia, we have to use an antagonist, we must also take into account the effect of chronic antagonism, but we do not know what is best at this point, we need to increase or decrease the number of receptors ? The answer “decrease” is not obvious. Also you should check which of the drugs currently on the market increase and which decrease the number of receptors 5HT2a.

In any case the use of 5HT2a agonists deil is folly, an agonist of these receptors increases the number of D2 receptors, increases the dyskinesia etc.

I think they are inducing the psychoactive state in subjects and then trying to counteract the effects with some drug they cooked up.

The shrooms themselves would never be the cure.

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@notmoses this was the research I was talking about.

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I can confirm…Magic mushrooms do not help schizophrenia. Low dose Ayahuasca on the other hand…there should be research done on that on the treatment of all mental illnesses with Ayahuasca.

Nice to see you around dude. @turningthepage

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Thanks life has just been real good that I’ve felt not much reason to come on here.

That great man.

Things o going well on my end as well. I still spend way to much time on here though. I’ve forsaken having a real life as the hallucinations just wind me up. At home here everything is at a minimum. I’m actually learning to think normally again.

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Glad things are going well for you too.

I’ve been in a real good mood…and substance abuse is limited…anxiety way down. No girls in my life (good thing maybe).

Been working a lot with my family and getting ready to go back to school. Got a haircut. Idk I can’t complain. Symptoms have been minimal. Reading books a lot and writing too and hiking. Not much social life other than my neighbor and my family but I like it that way.

Yeah man minimalism helps one relax. I’ve cut my caffeine down to an odd mountain dew every couple of days. Been smoking quite a bit today, but the last couple days before that I had a lot of control.

I’ve given up on finding a girl for now. The pursuit just led to stress and disappointment. I do browse dating websites still. I mean might as well. It turns out there are a few cute like minded girls in this town. I’ll probably never meet them, but it’s comforting to know.

I can’t say I’ve been in a good mood, but it’s been well over a week since I’ve had a depressive swing. That was on day two of starting this isolated lifestyle. Faced a bunch of ■■■■, had to enact acceptance and come to peace with things. It’s been smooth since then. The mind get closer to where I want to be every day. Takes a lot of patience though to just sit inside all day.

Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to take issue with from the standpoint of useful and/or lasting effects. There are all manner of exogenous substances that can be introduced into the brain that will produce “relief.” (Heroin and oxycontin come into my mind immediately. And we =could= use them as “major tranqs” because they will work. But will you like the sfx?)

Before I will mess with my own neuroplasticity, I will dig into the sfx profile. And psil has a lengthy one.

Okay, is no one going to talk about the fact that all these articles make certain that they tell you that “nutt” was “sacked” I mean, that is just fantastic.

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It’s not like I’m going to take shrooms.

He was sacked for challenging government drug policy rather than necessarily for incompetence.

Has no one on this forum heard the term nutsack? Is this a foreign concept?

I followed it @samples32 :smile: didn’t want to get between you and moses

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